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Things to Consider While Planning a Trip to Nepal

The country is nestled within the Himalayan track as well as India, Nepal is a destination to feed your passion for beautiful views and hikes outdoors. The snow-covered mountains as well as yaks, Sherpas and monasteries could be the ultimate dream of those who love mountains, which makes Nepal visiting as exciting as it is possible to be.

Eight of the 10 of the world’s highest mountains are in Nepal including Mount Everest that is one of the most frequented and highest on the planet.

Things to take into consideration when making plans for a trip Nepal:

Every location has local characteristics specific to the region that you visit. If you plan to travel to Nepal there are some points to remember or remember when planning your trip.

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1.) The currency

The currency of Nepal One of the first things that pops to mind is visiting or purchasing some local products and shops during Nepal tourist attractions. In order to do that, you’ll need the currency of Nepal. You can easily exchange currencies within Nepal using Nepalese rupees while roaming through.

2.) Budget 

Budget for travel As travelers, we tend to organize our travels at a lower cost , and a trip to Nepal could be a budget pleasant trip. The cost of food is affordable making it an ideal place for tourists from abroad.

3) Food food in Nepal

The most famous dish in Nepal is called ‘DallBhaatTarkari’ (lentils, rice and vegetable curry). It is a must to try this delicious dish as it is available in every hotel in Nepal and tastes exquisite.

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In addition there are a wide variety of food items for you to enjoy each day in a delicious way. When in Nepal do try the Jhol Momos. Jhol is a word that means liquid. Jhol momos are momos that are submerged in a bowl of sauce, called Jhol Achar.

4.) Secure for single women

It is this point that I’d like to concentrate on. Nepal travel is very safe for single woman. It is well-known the fact that Nepali men are extremely considerate of women. They avoid physical contact with women according to their religional norms.

5.) Shopping shopping Nepal

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A different aspect you should think about prior to your trip to Nepal is what to purchase when you arrive as there is a wide array of such as treasures and items you’ll want to buy and at reasonable costs.

Religious art on cloth, a singing bowl – a unique Nepali treasure masks made of traditional bhairab & striking faces for wall decoration notebooks and diaries made using rice paper as well as traditional jewelry. are all on your shopping list.

The list is long However, it is worth it to take your time and enjoy it to the fullest. Nepal is a nation that provides warmth to all it comes across.


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