The Cliffs of Moher – Ireland’s Amazing Natural Marvel

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland for quite a while. I had some friends from Parma who spent a bit of time in Ireland and used to talk about the country. Then I was enticed to travel there.

The most picturesque marvels I’ve ever witnessed is The Cliffs of Moher, located in the west of the United States.

They rise to 120m above the ocean and get to their highest point of about 214 metres to the to the north of O’Briens’ Tower, a round stone turret with over 8 km.

 Cliffs of Moher - myths, legends, and traditions
Image Credit: IrishCentral

They are hit by the strength from the Atlantic Ocean.

On that day, which was September’s last day, I set off from Galway and finally reached my destination. I was extremely happy. I was expecting to see something that was unique.

Today, there is a equipped visitor center there. It was not at the time. The walk over the cliffs is well beyond its horizon.

Visitors are warned not to climb the cliffs in the event of poor weather, rain or winds. I had a quick look around. I was able to understand why.

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The sight left me with an impression that will last forever, along with the feeling of terror and terror.

The bluffs can be extremely threatening and risky. This is the sheerness of rock that drops into the ocean.

The cliffs are huge and extremely steep.

I was scared just by watching the pictures. If you are suffering from vertigo avoid going there.

If you plan to walk across the cliffs, it is advised to wear sturdy walking shoes, a windbreaker and follow the official route. This is for a reason that is very valid.

You don’t want to slide to the ground…

I began to hike. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but a little cold and with large white clouds over the sky. There were many other guests, from all across the globe. The scene was one that I’ll not remember. A couple of young people were looking to snap a picture and then walked off right up to an edge on the rock.

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I was physically sick from thinking about what could be happening to them in the event that the ground that they stood on abruptly collapse…

I turned my head down. I noticed a large number of huge boulders scattered across the narrow, long beach below. Evidently, they formed during the Upper Carboniferous Period, 319 million years ago.

I didn’t feel well. I was powerless in the presence the wrath of Mother Nature.

The beauty of the landscape simply overwhelms you.

I smelled fresh salt air and heard the birds’ screams and cry.

I was fortunate enough to witness some wild Bilberry goats.

In addition, the nearby waters contain a lot of plankton which is a magnet for whales and sharks.

A few hundred yards from the cliffs, I could see Branaunmore Sea Stack situated at the bottom of the sea constantly hit by waves.

The vertical column was created when inexorable breakers destroyed the main cliffs through millions of years.

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A mysterious Aran Islands were visible in the far distance.

I was completely immersed in my surroundings.

The beautiful beauty of my surroundings completely captured my attention.

I kept looking down. Under the cliffs, hide caves of water. More intimidating.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to view the puffins. They are beautiful and sea birds with funny looks. They are nesting on the cliffs between March to mid-July. I didn’t worry about it. The images I saw were plenty to last the entire day.

Unfortunately unfortunately, The Cliffs of Moher have also received a negative reputation. Many suicides were committed there. They were aware that they would not be able to survive.


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