Roatan, Honduras: Jewel of the Western Caribbean

Roatan, Honduras remains a relatively undiscovered gem of the Caribbean. Cruisers are beginning to get familiar with the island with the increasing number of cruise ships that include this to the list of places to visit. It is home to two cruise terminals that hundreds of visitors each year.

Invariably, cruisers become enthralled by the beautiful island, which differs from other islands because it is home to palm trees that shade on the beautiful beaches on the island. Cruisers aren’t all the visitors however, since SCUBA divers from United States and Canada frequently visit the island for an entire week or so in the water.

What About Diving?

Diving is without doubt the top attraction on the island. In many dive locations all over the world divers must travel for more than one hour reach dive sites, drastically making the time commitment divers make to their dives and putting divers at risk of seasickness and hindering divers from spending more time than they’d like in other pursuits.

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In Roatan however the reef is two minutes away from the shoreline, with numerous dive sites that are more than a few hundred yards from the shore. So, divers can enjoy more dives with less time while still enjoying the most amazing diving in the world.

If you prefer to remain at the surface there’s plenty of snorkeling choices. Some shops offer snorkeling too. West Bay Beach, one of the best options for islanders both expat and local alike, is one short walk from the reef where the wildlife is abundant. Half Moon Bay in West End is also a great place to observe, most of it in waters that are just waist deep.

West Bay and West End tend to be the most secure and popular choices for visitors to the shore. West Bay has several resorts situated right at the beach, and puts on the Caribbean Sea within a minute of their guests.

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The Food Culture

The resorts provide a range of eating options, from meals priced between $8 and $10 range , to more lavish choices. The available activities include jet skiing parasailing, parasailing, and SNUBA. These are options for those who do not have certified SCUBA divers, to get a glimpse of diving underwater.

West End is the island’s principal bar strip. It’s home to all kinds of bars, from beer for $1 at Booty Bar to Argentina Grill and the Lighthouse Grill that cater to those seeking more expensive dining experiences. Even the establishments that serve premium food they are as casual as it is in the other areas part of island.

Visitors seeking other adventures on land can go to the Garifuna village to take an overview of one of island’s most ancient communities. For those who are adventurous Ziplining and go carting are both accessible.

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For those who love animals, there is the iguana farm, in which enormous iguanas leap over each other , and even the feet of visitors to eat the leaves visitors feed them. Chances to have close encounters with monkeys is available. For those who love animals and desire the most intimate of encounters taking a dip with the dolphins in Anthony’s Key is a must.

Roatan has gained its increasing popularity as a jewel in Roatan, a jewel of Western Caribbean. It has an array of activities for those seeking adventures to those who would like to relax and enjoy drinking a few drinks at one of the most stunning beaches. Anyone who is planning a cruise or just a relaxing getaway should think about this undiscovered location.


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