AustraliaKitchen Assistant Job In Australia

Kitchen Assistant Job In Australia


Australia is a fascinating country that is friendly and welcoming to foreigners around the world. There are numerous opportunities for immigrants seeking to work and live in the country. As a foreign worker, one of the great decisions you can make for yourself is securing a kitchen assistant job in Australia.

Are you physically fit, enthusiastic, and can work well under pressure? Securing a kitchen assistant job in Australia can be a great way to begin a career in the food industry. Meanwhile, you can gain exposure and valuable experience working in a professional kitchen alongside trained chefs while learning basic cooking techniques and food safety.

However, you’ll need to delve into the job responsibilities of a kitchen assistant to determine if it’s right for you. The job responsibilities of a kitchen assistant include assisting the chefs, and servers, and keeping the kitchen space sparkling clean always. They also support food preparation, stock control, and customer relations.

In this article, we’ll discuss the job responsibilities of a kitchen assistant, how to become one, and the required skills. We will also discuss related careers and provide salary information for a kitchen assistant in Australia. Let’s get started!

What Does A Kitchen Assistant Do?

When considering a career in a professional kitchen, you must have an understanding of what a kitchen assistant job entails. As a kitchen assistant, you’ll assist and ensure that the kitchen operates effectively. Furthermore, kitchen assistants work closely with cooks and other supervisors to ensure that every aspect of the kitchen functions right.

Taking up a kitchen assistant job in Australia can be challenging, as every professional kitchen is mostly hot and busy. Though, kitchen staff usually stand all through their shift, lifting, and carrying heavy objects. As with all staff working in the kitchen, kitchen assistants must remain calm and always focused.

As a kitchen assistant, you’ll take shifts, which could be for irregular hours, as well as weekends and holidays. Another role of a kitchen assistant is to follow safety rules and regulations that are being set out by the restaurant. Meanwhile, kitchen assistants are always in uniform which includes specific uniforms, hats, or hair nets.

Typical Responsibilities Of A Kitchen Assistant

The specific responsibilities of a kitchen assistant may vary depending on some factors. These factors include the type of kitchen and the managerial style of the head chef or manager.

However, a kitchen assistant will perform any of the responsibilities below. Scroll down!

  1. Continuous cleaning and maintaining of workstations to meet hygiene
  2. They may also prepare small dishes like
  3. Furthermore, they manage, organize, and store cooking utensils, cutting boards, dishes, and cooking
  4. You’ll assist chefs with meal preparation by washing, peeling, cutting, and dicing
  5. Additionally, you are in charge of storing all food safely and obeying food safety
  6. Moving of ingredients from storage to the appropriate place in the kitchen where it’s
  7. Also, you’ll need to wipe and clean kitchen floors and walls to maintain a clean
  8. You’ll unpack deliveries of food supplies and correctly store all ingredients by tagging them, if
  9. By maintaining the accuracy of assigned tasks or customer
  10. The stirring and heating of sauces and soups as per instructions is another typical responsibility of a kitchen
  11. You may also help to prepare hot beverages for
  12. Additionally, you may assist with inventory
  13. You may also need to remove thrash and clear refrigerators, freezers, and storage
  14. Lastly, you’ll record and track food waste to help with future

Ways To Take A Kitchen Assistant Job in Australia

Although some kitchen assistants are entry-level positions, employers usually want more by looking for relevant experience or training in candidates. Below, we have compiled a

step-by-step guide on ways to obtain a kitchen assistant job in Australia.

1.  Complete Secondary Education

Generally, most employers are seeking applicants who will perfectly fill kitchen assistant job roles. However, you must have completed secondary school as a minimum requirement. While in secondary school, students are being taught basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This knowledge may come in handy in the kitchen when you have to do any form of measurement.

2.  Get A Degree Or Certificate That Specialize In Food

Oftentimes, employers search for and hire kitchen assistants who have further study in related fields. For instance, completing a course at a culinary school or a TAFE course in hospitality and food handling.

The essence of these courses is to train employees and gain hands-on experience in a proper kitchen. And also learn the basics of safety, cooking principles, and how to act professionally in a restaurant, bar, or other related field. Additionally, obtaining a qualification can help you speed up your career advancement when promotional opportunities arise.

3.  Become Certified In Food Safety 

As a kitchen assistant who may also serve customers, obtaining a food safety certificate is as important as anything. You can apply to take the course at several institutions and online. All it takes to complete the course is just a few hours and it offers an overview of identifying food hazards.

Additionally, you must know basic safety laws relating to food. As well as minimize risks regarding food safety and teach you different methods for controlling food safety.

4.  Gain Work Experience In A Restaurant

If you attend culinary schools, they usually offer work experience as part of their course. This means that you can demonstrate a reasonable work experience when applying for a job in a kitchen. Taking up a kitchen assistant job in Australia, you’ll learn most skills on the job.

However, if you already have work experience, it’ll put you above other job applicants and be more appealing to employers. In case you don’t have any qualifications, consider getting a part-time job role at a restaurant while you’re still at secondary school or university. Work

experience in a proper kitchen offers you the opportunity to learn valuable skills and knowledge about the food industry.

5.  Apply For Kitchen Assistant Roles 

Once you have followed the above steps, you should start applying for Job roles. Job sites or employment agencies are also great options as well. Although some locally owned restaurants are friendly and may welcome walk-in inquiries while letting you drop off your resume.

Ensure you customize your resume to include any skills and qualifications related to the food service industry. This way, employers will get all the necessary information and identify you’re a good match for the role. Even though it’s not an easy job, it takes more time to personalize your resume for each job role.

Required Skills For A Kitchen Assistant

Below are some of the necessary skills that a kitchen assistant must possess. Read on!

1.  Time Management 

Kitchen assistants are responsible for preparation and they also complete other tasks independently. Kitchen assistants need to remain focused and finish tasks quickly while taking customers’ orders. Oftentimes, other team members depend on the kitchen assistant to finish all necessary kitchen work before they can start their cooking process.

2.  Good Communication 

Activities in the kitchen can sometimes be noisy and chaotic due to all hands being on deck. Therefore, making clear nonverbal and verbal communication is very essential. When it’s time to serve customer’s meals, all staff working in the kitchen must speak and listen effectively to avoid making mistakes.

One of the reasons communication is so crucial is that a kitchen can sometimes mean there are potential safety hazards to be aware of. For instance, hot equipment. Also, ensure you listen to instructions in the kitchen to prevent accidents.

3.  Teamwork

 Generally in a busy kitchen, there would be multiple staff working side by side to prepare and deliver customer orders. Therefore, you must be a good team member and complete most of your tasks on time so that others can do theirs. If there are no strong teamwork skills, there is the risk of not delivering food on time which may lead to delays and potential complaints from customers.

4.  Food Safety Knowledge

 As a kitchen assistant, you will need to understand how to obey food safety in the kitchen. For instance, knowing how to store raw meats correctly to prevent contamination. Safety training can also help prevent accidents such as giving proper training on specialized equipment. so that staff can operate the equipment properly.

Benefits Of A Kitchen Assistant Job in Australia

Working as a kitchen assistant in Australia provides a wide range of benefits for foreigners who are seeking jobs in the country. Read on as we discuss some of the benefits of a kitchen assistant job in Australia.

1.  Entry-level Job Opportunities

Kitchen assistant jobs are usually entry-level positions. This implies that immigrants with no standard experience in the hospitality industry can still apply for these jobs. This gives foreigners who are just starting their careers in Australia, the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and learn new skills.

2.  Competitive Pay Rates

 Working as a kitchen assistant in Australia, you can earn an average salary of $57,000 per year, according to The pay rates for kitchen assistants in Australia are also quite competitive. This offers foreigners who are working in Australia a decent salary that can help cover their living expenses.

3.  Exposure To Different Cultures And Cuisines

 Australia is a welcoming and multicultural country with a wide range of captivating cuisines. Taking up the job role of a kitchen assistant will provide you the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and cuisines. As well as learn new recipes and cooking techniques to expand your culinary knowledge.

4.  Visa Sponsorship Opportunities

 A kitchen assistant job in Australia will provide visa sponsorship opportunities for foreigners. The TSS visa and the Working Holiday visa are both perfect options that immigrants can use to work in Australia for a certain time. This provides an opportunity for foreigners to work and live in Australia and experience the Australian way of life.

Tips For Working As A Kitchen Assistant

Below, we have compiled a few suggestions to help you work as a professional kitchen assistant in Australia.

  1. Always Ask For Clarification: If you’re not certain about the required tasks for you, double-check with your To have a smooth running of the kitchen affairs, each team member must work together to complete their tasks.
  2. Stay Calm: At every point in the kitchen, you must always remain Oftentimes, the kitchen can be loud and busy due to a variety of activities. However, being calm will allow you to stay focused.
  3. Be Clean: Good hygiene is one essential aspect of the kitchen, so washing your hands regularly and also keeping your workstation clean is
  4. Do Some Research: Before you start in the kitchen, ensure you’ve delved into the menu, the restaurant, as well as the chef’s Meanwhile, having this knowledge will prepare you for your new work environment.

Kitchen Assistant Average Salary

In Australia, the average salary for a kitchen assistant is $29.27 per hour, while it’s $57,100 per year. However, salaries can differ depending on factors like the type of restaurant or food industry you work with. And also where you live. Your level of experience is also a determining factor for your earning potential.


Securing a kitchen assistant job in Australia is a great option for foreigners who want to work in the country. Meanwhile, these jobs are widely available and you do not need to have any previous work experience or qualifications.

Furthermore, when you obtain the right visa, you can work in Australia for up to four years or experience the country with a Working Holiday visa. With our ultimate guide on how to get a kitchen assistant job in Australia, we believe you’ll give it a try. All the best!

What Is The Difference Between A Kitchen Assistant and A Catering Assistant?

As a kitchen assistant, you take care of the kitchen and handle all the aspects of cleaning. In addition, you may sometimes prepare food. While catering assistants perform similar duties like assisting with food preparation and cleaning the kitchen. However, they usually serve customers. Kitchen assistants only work within the confines of the kitchen and do not at any time serve customers.


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