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7 Coolest Things to Do in Bulgaria – Guide

Bulgaria isn’t popular as a tourist destination However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t filled with intriguing things to do and experience. In fact the tiny Balkan country is full of interesting traditions, events and other activities. Each of them will be awe-inspiring and provide lasting fond memories of the country.

Here’s a short list of things to do in the area:

1) A Dance with Monsters

A dance that includes monsters Bulgaria is the home of the unique Kukeri tradition. People dress up as monsters, complete with large masks and lots of bells hung from the waist.

Kukeri is celebrated in all villages across the country the beginning of January to March. The concept is that these creatures and the noise they make can ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity for the region. Costumes are extremely intricate and beautiful to behold.

2) Get on top of the fire

Get on top of the fire If you thought the show Kukeri seemed cool you’ll be delighted to watch Nestinari. Dancers on burning embers (also known as Nestinari is a centuries-old tradition that is preserved in some places around the country.

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The sight of these dancers on the burning embers could cause you to be worried. However, be assured that they’re perfectly fine and have perfected the art of dancing to perfection.

3) Get up early to gather roses

Get up early to gather roses Bulgaria is home to the world-renowned Valley of Roses, which produces the local Rose Damascena. This is the one that is that is used in the majority of the top perfumes and cosmetics. The roses are picked during the month of June and tourists are able to take part in the festivities.

Keep in mind that roses need to be picked early to keep their essential oils in good condition So that’s a good tip for those who love to stay in bed.

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4) Enjoy live music at the top of the mountain

Enjoy live music at the top of the mountain. Ambaritsa chalet, which is located at 1500m is the venue for the Blueberry Festival. A large number of people ascend the mountain for an entire weekend of live music, and also explore fascinating crafts and delicious food.

5) Unique February 14 

Take advantage of a unique February 14 – You are aware well it’s the day that is celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day. But, it is primarily an Western custom.

Bulgaria is inspired by this tradition and has a tendency to the day of honor for love and also observes it as the Day of the Winemakers on the same day. If you are in Bulgaria on this particular day, then you must enjoy some wine to honour Saint. Trifon the Pruner.

6) Explore seven lakes

Explore seven lakes simultaneously One of the most popular tourists’ destination in Bulgaria can be The Seven Rila Lakes. The beautiful lakes are revealed when you ascend the Rila Mountain. The climb to the Lake Peak’s top Lake Peak is a fantastic chance to view all seven lakes simultaneously.

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7) Church of Four different Religions

Go to a church of four different religions. There’s a spot in the capital city of Sofia where the four major religions have their own places of worship living peacefully.

This place is also known as”the Square of Religious Tolerance, which is where a mosque, a Roman Catholic cathedral, a synagogue, and an Orthodox church sit next to one another.

It is evident that there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy in Bulgaria. If you’re looking for the perfect Bulgarian property, make sure to look for opportunities to explore these places and events.


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