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You’re looking for high-paying tasks in Canada paying $100 per day?

Fortunately, there are plenty of work alternatives available in Canada that pay $100/day or even more. Whether you’re interested in working as an attorney, medical professional, or registered nurse, or you’re seeking a career in company or finance, we have actually obtained you covered. Check out the list here for 10 of the highest-paying jobs that pay $100 per day or even more in Canada.

Career opportunities are plentiful in Canada, so take your time as well as browse through our checklist to locate the excellent work for you. Best of luck!

$ 100/day Salary Jobs in Canada in 2023:

Check out this listing of 10 tasks that pay $100 daily or more in Canada

1. Air Web Traffic Controller Jobs in Canada

Air traffic controllers in Canada make between $100 and $120 or more every day. This job requires to make swift decisions in a highly-pressured working environment. Because of the nature of the job air traffic controllers must be able to handle shifts during the night and on weekends.

Air traffic controllers must to possess a senior secondary school degree or equivalent and also need to pass an exam administered through the Federal Air Travel Management (FAA) as well as a specific 4-year or 2-year certificate in aviation that assists them to pass an Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Exam (AT-SAT). Also, you should have good English skills which include both developed and dental.

A number of Canadian firms are willing to spend top dollars for accredited Air Website traffic controllers like NAV Canada Air Canada, and WestJet.

2. Retail Employee Jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for work that pays you $100 per day, then the retail position is a great option. Retailers are always trying to find people to help with customer service, putting items on shelves, and even phoning customers to make purchases.

The hours are flexible and therefore it’s an excellent option for those who need to work around your organization’s schedule or other obligations. Also, the beneficial aspect is that you’ll have the chance to meet brand new people as well as discover new things.

A lot of businesses offer their employees at least 100 dollars per working day. Some of these firms are Walmart, Loblaws, and as well Shoppers Medicine Mart.

If you’re looking to work in the retail industry, go to your local store and request an application. Chances are they’ll be thrilled to welcome you!

3. Carpenters Jobs in Canada

Woodworkers working in Canada could earn as much as $100 per day dependent on their work experience as well as the work they’re performing. Carpenters may make $50 per day, whereas others could earn upwards of $200 per day.

The second certification is an official Apprenticeship Carpenter certificate. The third certification requires 2 years of working experience as a Journeyman Carpenter.

A lot of Canadian companies can pay carpenters $100 per day. Some of these companies include but aren’t only limited by Rona, Home Depot, Lowe’s as well as IKEA.

4. Social Media Site Critic Jobs in Canada

Imagine making money by surfing the internet all day long! This is the dream of lots of people and is the reality for social media appraisers.

As a social network critic, you’ll be responsible for assessing the quality and reliability of content posted on social media sites. This is a fantastic job for people who are proficient with computers and have a solid knowledge of the web.

Numerous Canadian companies pay social media evaluators $100 daily. They include but aren’t restricted to BrandEQ Firm, Lionbridge, and Leapforce.

If you are interested in this area it is essential to be able to type quickly and possess exceptional research capabilities. It is also important to be aware of the latest trends of social media.

5. Cashier Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for a job that pays well as being relatively easy to obtain? If so, you should consider applying to the position of cashier.

Another great thing with this position is that it’s quite simple to obtain. Many large grocery stores are always searching for staff members who can join their ranks.

Many Canadian stores pay cashiers $100 per working day. Some of these businesses include Pharmasave, CVS Wellness, and Walgreen Firm. Each one of these firms is a large business in Canada and has multiple locations across the nation.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, becoming cashier can be a good option. You could earn around $100 per day, depending on your knowledge and abilities.

6. Cleaning Person Jobs in Canada

Imagine working in a place where you can earn $100 per day by clearing up the mess left by others. This is the scenario for janitors from all over Canada

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This isn’t the most luxurious occupation on the planet, however it’s crucial to keep our offices, as well as public areas clean and neat. Cleaners are accountable to empty wastebaskets, sweep floors, and cleaning bathrooms to ensure that everything is clean and clean.

Many Canadian companies have custodians who pay them $100 per week. A few of these comprise Tim Hortons, Mcdonald’s, and Hamburger King.

All you require is an understanding of the principles of work and an eagerness to be a bit dirty. If you’re searching for an occupation that pays you very well and does not require much prior experience, this might be the right job for you.

7. Customer Support Representative Jobs in Canada

Are you convinced that you cannot earn a living from customer service? You’re wrong. As a customer service representative you could easily earn $100 per day.

What exactly does a customer service representative do? They provide assistance to customers for the company or product. This can include responding to questions from customers, settling complaints and handling returns.

The best part? The job is typically flexible, meaning you can work from home or attend online classes without having to miss an opportunity.

Many Canadian businesses pay $100 per day to Customer Service Reps. A handful of these companies comprise in Costco, Samsung, and Apple.

8. Freelance Writer Jobs in Canada.

It’s not a secret that writing is a lucrative field. Many famous writers began their careers as freelancers. What you may not know is the sheer number of writing jobs available for freelancers. They cost between $100 and $150 or higher per hour.

How do you become becoming an independent writer? The best way to start is to build your portfolio with quality content.

There are several companies that will pay $100 per day plus for Freelance Writers such as UpWork, Fiverr, and also PeoplePerHour.

Remember that the secret to success is determination. Continue to work hard before getting it right you’ll write for money!

9. Welders Jobs in Canada.

Welders are highly sought-after across Canada And with an great benefits – they’re involved in repair and fabrication of metal products. Welding is an excellent option when you’re in search of work that is well-paying and doesn’t require an extensive amount of formal knowledge and training.

The best part is welding is a profession that is always in high demand, meaning you won’t need to think about finding the work.

A lot of Canadian companies pay their welders in a timely manner. There are many Canadian firms that pay welders $100 every day. A few of these businesses which pay their welders $100 per day comprise of Canadian National Railway, PCL Constructors Canada Inc. Welding Ltd., SNC-Lavalin Team Inc, and many more.

10. Internet Site Tester Jobs in Canada.

It is worth thinking about becoming an online site tester if you’re searching for an occupation that pays well and is easy to get into. As a tester for websites you’ll be in charge of examining websites for errors and report them. This is a great job for people who are focused and have excellent analytical capabilities.

The most beneficial aspect is the fact that screening on site is a part-time job that means you are able to operate from home or any other location you like. Additionally, your schedule is flexible, meaning you can fit it into your work schedule.

Many Canadian companies pay website testers $100 per week. A few of these companies consist of Upwork UX/UI testing Web/app Screening for freelancers Fiverr, PQA Testing and WhatUsersDo. All of these companies provide crucial feedback to help improve the site’s appearance and customer experience.

Take a look at the list below to find 10 of the highest paying jobs that pay $100 per week or greater in Canada.

Air traffic controllers who work in Canada have a typical salary of $100to $120 or more each day. Each of these companies is large employer in Canada and have a variety of sites across the country.

What you may not know is the fact that there are a lot of creative freelance jobs which pay between $100 and $150 or even more per hour.

Some of the businesses which pay their welding employees $100 per day include Canadian National Railway, PCL Constructors Canada Inc., Welding Ltd, SNC-Lavalin Team Inc and many more.

APPLY NOW – CAD 3000 – CAD 6000 Per Month

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